Choose Love

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved” (Thomas Monson). Wise words from a very wise man. Oh how this counsel is needed right now!! Social Media and the world around us is filled with such hatred, disgust, unkind words, judgements, and ridicules. I understand that theseContinue reading “Choose Love”

Life’s Greatest Lessons

5 months ago on a beautiful, hot, summer day, I was extremely happy to find a positive sign on a pregnancy test that I had just taken. I couldn’t even believe my eyes! It was a miracle! It was my miracle!! I had to take a second test to verify the special news. Later thatContinue reading “Life’s Greatest Lessons”

The Beauty of Letting Go

Holy Moly! It has been a HOT minute!! I am sorry for being M.I.A. during these last few months. When the corona virus hit and the many months of quarantine, I just got lost in all the madness. We’ve had quite the year already and it is just September. We have 4 more months toContinue reading “The Beauty of Letting Go”

The Unexpected Beautiful

I never expected 2020 to become the crazy, unique year that it has been. On December 31st, 2019 I was surrounded by family members and my sweet husband. Love and laughter abounded as excitement grew for the new year. I stood there counting down the seconds until 2020. What a remarkable year it would be?Continue reading “The Unexpected Beautiful”

Keep Sunshine Going

Have you ever looked at something and it just took your breath away? Lately, I have been so drawn to sunflowers. They take my breath away and I have this desire to just surround myself with them! I don’t know why this random obsession with sunflowers just popped up. If you would have asked meContinue reading “Keep Sunshine Going”

The Quarantined Life is still a Beautiful Life

Right now we are living through a pandemic that has the whole world going crazy. Panic and chaos are all around us every single day as we try to get through this trying time. Change is around every corner and we are stuck with lots of unknowns.  Do you think its a coincidence that Elsa’sContinue reading “The Quarantined Life is still a Beautiful Life”